The Gin Garden 

Nope, The Gin Garden is not some mythical paradise, it’s my new favourite cocktail!

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Hello world, introducing ‘Gin and Juiced’ 

If you’re reading this, a big hello to you and thanks for stopping by!

I have always loved to write; when I was younger I could always be found with my head buried in a notebook scribbling down made up stories and plays. Now I’m a grown-up with a demanding job and a generally chaotic life, my writing seems to be limited to the odd trip advisor review! I’ve set this blog up as a bit of ‘Me-time and although I’m not sure what i’ll be writing about yet I love food, cocktails, days out cooking and travelling so I’m sure some of those will feature (I can be a bit sweary on occasion, you have been warned!)

So why ‘Gin and Juiced’? Well, lacking in inspiration for a blog name and I decided to press ‘shuffle’ on my iPhone and base the name on whatever song played first. Given that I have pretty eclectic musical tastes with everything from Mozart to Motörhead in my music library this was a somewhat a risky strategy. So….ready….set…..shuffle…

gin  and juice

Quite apt as I love gin and am also quite partial to juice (and, to be honest I’m just very relieved it wasn’t Sir Mixalots ‘Baby Got Back’)

Thanks for reading!

G & J